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Dear customers,


This is Percy. Hope you are well.

Thank you all your love and support for PERCY LAU. Since the brand founded in Hong Kong, China in 2013, we have been fond by "Vogue" Italia, "Hunger Magazine" and other fashion media, as well as fashion icon like Lady Gaga, William Chan and Yuen Tian etc. Meanwhile, we have also increased our customer recognition in the market. We are grateful for the results. 


However unfortunately, we found that several shops have been counterfeit our 2017SS DADA CHILD collection and distributed on TAOBAO, WeChat and other e-commerce platforms. Organisations using PERCY LAU designs or brand logo without authorisation are violating the trust of customers and causing serious damage to our brand image. 



Therefore, we declare:



1. Despite our official website (, we only authorise the following stores including Dressing for Fun,DONLIANG, Monster, Coterie, Zuczug, 798「DONG XI」Store, Money Shop, YCO Space, Shinan, ARRITS to sell our products on the e-commerce platform. Please be aware of any other products sold in TAOBAO, WeChat or other e-commerce platform which claim to be PERCY LAU products, we have no proof whether the source is legit.  


Any organisations to sell counterfeit and inferior products using the name of PERCY LAU without permission is illegal. We will take legal actions against such behaviour. 




2. To find out more information about PERCY LAU, please visit


If you find any suspicious products, please contact us through



Thank you.